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To give adults and children the opportunity to experience the joy of learning to sing and perform with confidence without having to audition!

Many adults and children would love to have the opportunity to sing but may be intimidated to source a vocal coach as this usually means a one to one lesson which can be expensive, or join a Choir.

The word Choir often conjures up an image of a static singing group, again where you may need to have experience and will need confidence. This is not the case with Sing & Perform.

Sing and Perform aims to take the ordinary person who likes singing and would love to participate in fun weekly classes, the chance to gain confidence, improve their voice and then as their confidence grows enjoy the thrill of singing those songs to an audience!!

As singers we know there is no greater buzz than performing live!

Sing and Perform is not just about singing it is about instilling passion and confidence within the quietest of people who genuinely have a love of singing but are quite shy. We also want to build enough confidence for these people to perform choreographed routines whilst singing. It is also for those who wish to further their singing and performance skills and want to learn how to pitch and arrange harmonies.


Sing & Perform, Milton Keynes

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